walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Character Dining

We had two character meals on our trip. We went to Goofy's Kitchen for an early (7:40) breakfast with the Yasudas. We got there on time; they were a little later. The chef was extremely helpful in pointing out what I could order. They also made me a waffle I could eat. Yum. Because we were some of the first people there, the characters had nothing to do but attempt to get Teddy's attention. This was fantastic, particularly since it got Teddy used to characters early on in our trip. When the Yasudas came, there were enough other people that the girls had to get up and participate in a little dance and chase some of the characters down.

The second character meal was the princess thing at Ariel's Grotto. We were the last table on the rotation, and I think at least one princess skipped us entirely, which disappointed the girls. Most of the princesses who stopped by the table made an effort to include Teddy, possibly because some of them thought he was a girl. Service is a lot slower (not a buffet but a limited menu with fixed pricing), but they were very careful with my order and the food was fine.

I gotta say, if you can get going in the morning, character breakfasts before other people are up and about are THE efficient, effective way to hang out with characters. You can't do rides yet, and they have to be there and they have no one else to attend to.

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