walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Lazy Saturday

R. went up to Mayberry to pick up the generator, which finally came in. Once he got home, I went out to help him remove it from the van (it's under 300 pounds, thus doable between the two of us). Once on the ground, it has wheels and he somehow managed to get it where he wanted it to be. I don't ask questions. I do, however, appreciate the results.

T. and I went grocery shopping. I should know better than to go grocery shopping on Saturday, but worse, this is Superbowl weekend. Duh. Serious brain fart going to the store today. Oh well.

Where's My Water (the Swampy game on the iPad and other platforms) has a lot of levels. Something over 150 plus some additional puzzle levels. T. seems to be experimenting with trying to play the whole thing through in one day (we have to help with a few levels where the timing is critical, but he can do virtually all of them). Battery is an issue.

R. took A. to the playground and they are now sleeping.

In the meantime, I've (obviously) been wasting time online. In between poking at ebook formatting issues and trying to figure out under what circumstances I would be willing to sit in a vehicle which did not require a human operator and/or purchase one, I went over to the Baen books store and picked up a free copy of Schmitz's Telzey Amberdon. I've done this before, but not bothered to keep copies on each kindle as I upgrade. Today's experience was pretty amazing: Baen is all set up to email is (not any big surprise there) with great directions how. And then Amazon sent me an email saying they're backing up the content for me this time. Of course, when I buy a book from Baen ebooks, they also remember that I bought it and have it available for re-download when I want that.

This is the way the world should work. It took a few years to get here (and clearly, we have a few years to go in terms of digitizing past content, but that's universally true), but this is a fairly reasonable environment for e-reading. I can shop somewhere else, and it Just Works with library management at my hardware vendor (Amazon) and primary content supplier (ditto). True, it is off in the Personal Documents section, but that I can live with.
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