walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

"I beard the First Lady say, 'Oh my Cod.'"

Try googling that. Go ahead.

The top result is a peek into Google Books edition of HarperCollins reprint of Gail Collins _excellent_ book about political gossip, _Scorpion Tongues_ (review forthcoming at some point. Probably). I love Gail Collins. You should read her columns and her books. This book is actually a great book that is suffering from a very, very, very bad edition.

HarperCollins, however, really ought to be ashamed of itself for perpetrating this low-quality an ebook. That subhead _ought_ to read, "I heard the First Lady say, 'Oh my God.'"

And it's one of a very, very long list of errors which give every evidence of having been introduced by OCRing a p-book, _failing_ to do even minimal QA on it (like spell checking) and sending it out into the world in multiple e-book formats. While spell check wouldn't have found this particular error, it would have found these errors: "discreedy" for "discreetly", "romande" for "romance", "coundess" for "countless". And the process of doing spell check should have made clear the need to improve the rest of their process.

If anyone out there knows what is going on at HarperCollins, specifically, who is doing their conversion and why is this stuff sliding through the process, I'd love to hear the details. I'm currently in search of anyone else who has researched this issue. It makes a mockery of the self-published-books-are-poor-quality argument.
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