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Books, books and more books

I spent a lot of time the other day at Barnes and Noble spending more money on books than I had received on a gift card (oh, we couldn't have predicted that, now could we?). Yet no trashy fiction caught my eye. But I think I've made up for it at the library today with _Maggie Darling_ and one other the title of which has already slipped my mind. Also my easy interlibrary loan came in, Simon Schama's _Embarassment of Riches_. I think I'm glad I didn't buy it, but it is proving to be an interesting read. For some reason I had it in my head that Schama (there's a throat-clearer if you pronounce it the way the Dutch would) was British (I listened to his history of Britain on audiotape). But apparently he lives in Lexington, MA, so he's a New Englander instead. Of course he is.

It is organized a lot like a Basbanes book, which is to say, if you already understand what he's doing, it's a lovely little rambling read, and if you don't, it's probably frustrating and confusing. I have the added assistance of having already seen a lot of the illustrations in person relatively recently (people really like to use images from the Amsterdam Historical Museum and the Rijksmuseum when writing about Dutch history and culture). The big downer right now is that it's a Dutch history, and dealing a lot with the time period leading up to the Republic, so a lot of it is about the south, where I haven't been.

My bicycle has not arrived (it was not downstairs waiting to be assembled, but they claim they'll have it on Monday or for sure by Tuesday), so I am whining a little at delayed gratification, but I have books, and I volunteered at the library today so I have socialized and am quite content.
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