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the brothers who were Fathers

While my portion of the tree is overwhelmingly not-Catholic, my husband's portion of the tree has a very large Catholic chunk. Apparently, he knew there was a priest who was a cousin of one of his grandmothers.

What he didn't know, was that there were _two_ priests who were cousins of one of his grandmothers. They were brothers. And they were Redemptorists, attending Mt. St. Alphonsus Seminary in Esopus several years apart (the brothers were five years apart in age, but I spotted one of them attending in the 1920 census and the other one in the 1930 census).

I'm having a little trouble tracking down their death dates. Priests don't seem to pay into Social Security.

Census sheets for a seminary are sort of funny to look at. "Relationship to head of house" is "Subject". "Industry" is "Catholic Church". One year, "Occupation" is "Student"; another year, it is "None". Census takers try hard, but these forms are not designed with this living arrangement in mind.
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