walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

don't complain to me about editing problems in self-pubbed ebooks

Look at what HarperCollins perpetrated in the updated version of _Scorpion Tongues_. No blame attaches to Gail Collins -- the book is entertaining and an update is timely. However, the kindle edition suffers from errors which look suspiciously like something was OCR'd and then not re-checked for errors. I wouldn't get so annoyed if it were just failure-to-capitalize the O in Carmen Offie, but it's dumb stuff like "discreedy" where discreetly was clearly intended. Spellcheck would have caught that.

The worst, however, is a section header that says:

"The mother of the son of our bachelor governor" nor

I'm assuming that's a spare nor at the end, left over from "governor", but what's it doing outside the quotation marks anyway?

This is ridiculous and distracting.

Despite that, I am enjoying the book.

ETA: Disgrantled.

I am not making this up.

There are missing quotation marks around [sic] That would never have happened, [sic] Truman avowed,

then, less than two paper pages later,

"Summersby said that her friendship with Eisenhower became romande [sic] after her fiance [dunno how to do an accent mark, but it's correct in the kindle version] was killed by a land mind [sic] in North Africa."


Shortly thereafter (but after a chapter break), "The delegates breathed out a combination of awe and entidement." Presumably, entitlement. A couple paragraphs later, "Betty Beale, an Eisenhower-era society reporter, recounted receiving "coundess phone calls ..." <- punctuation was fine, it's the "coundess".

These are all things that _spellcheck_ should catch. They didn't even run _spellcheck_ after they did whatever they did to produce a kindle version.

How does this happen?

ETA: I found the author's email at the NYT and asked her to lean on the publisher, pretty please with sugar on top, to see if they might fix it. I do get that it's not her fault.

ETAYA: "I Beard the First Lady Say, "Oh My Cod"". Seriously. The subhead for the the Don Imus at the Correspondents dinner story. Again, _not_ the author's fault. Again, it's a really great book. Whoever did the conversion for HarperCollins, however, should be replaced. Soon.
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