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Mexican Restaurants in my little town

There was one in walking distance when we moved in, however, it moved to a bigger location in a different strip mall. The family restaurant next door expanded into the space and its hours as well.

Here is some coverage of that restaurant in the old location:


I've posted about snapped phone poles near that strip mall before. This was earlier than the incident I mentioned (before we moved to town, for that matter).

Here is some coverage of the same restaurant in the new location:


I think probably the bit that really rankled was the brandished handgun, but I could be wrong.

I want to be fair here. I liked this restaurant in both locations. Good, big drinks. Food was a little salty, but other than that tasty. I do, however, feel like there has been a lot of forebearance and will look forward to Daniela's drop in replacement, Beyond Border Tex Mex.


Not clear when that one is going to open. I stumbled across all this when I was trying to find an opening date for Bueno Y Sano.

ETA: The day care saga continues:

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