walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Two Unrelated Questions (not about genealogy)

(1) Does an upside down or inverted fleur de lis mean anything specifically related to gay culture in Quebec? (Does it mean anything in particular at all, other than that there's a clothing line that uses it as part of their logo, and it's a cross so upside down crosses mean things?)

(2) This article in the NYT:


Has this quote:

"Surveys indicate that only a third of the people who step into a bookstore and walk out with a book actually arrived with the specific desire to buy one."

I would love to see the "surveys" in question, even one. Because, for realz? Two thirds of the people buying books in book stores didn't intend to buy? That coffee shop in bookstore thing is apparently working _really_ well. Either that, or there is some hard core denial going on.

The article as a whole is worth reading if you want to understand how traditional publishers and others who are deeply invested in p-books think about things.
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