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Yes, that is Frys

I was trying to decipher some handwriting on an entry in the Dutch Civil Registry. I do okay with some of this stuff, because I've developed some domain knowledge, but I really suck at reading old handwriting, especially the very flat kind. Also, the strategy in the registry (at least this one) seems to be to write to a certain point and then continue on the next line without any sort of punctuation like a dash or hyphen to indicate a word break.

Nevertheless, I'd figured out that the mother's first name was "Marijke" and it was an old enough record on an old enough person that there didn't seem to be last names for either parent, just first name and patronymic. I was reasonably certain the mother's patronymic was "Feddes" but I figured I'd google it, because people like to reuse names so if Marijke Feddes was a reasonable name in Pingjum in the early 19th century, _someone_ is walking around with it now.

Sure. Someone is [actually not true. Someone is researching a Marijke Feddes from the 17th century. Or thereabouts. On a Frys genealogy forum. *sigh*] But if you google a name that distinctively Frys, and you have .nl turned on in your google preferences, you _will_ find yourself reading a post that is not English and not Dutch. It's really bad when you kind of _can_ read it, but it's confusing, because it takes a second or two to work out what language you're reading it in.
Tags: genealogy

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