walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Johannes Sijmons Bakker

I've been having some fun at AlleFriezen, finding (and/or confirming) dates for people that I was having trouble with in genlias.

A pause to explain what that meant: AlleFriezen has digital images of the Civil Registry books for some of Friesland and a search engine on top of that. Genlias has transcriptions of the Civil Registry books for some of the Netherlands and a (better) search engine on top of that. Transcriptions are awesome, however, sometimes information is present in the images (and the original) that does not get transcribed. So I might have a bunch of death records in Johannes Bakker in genlias that _might_ be my Johannes Sijmons Bakker, but no way to be sure if the spouse/parents fields are not filled in.

I've found several death records that I didn't have for people in my paternal grandfather's ancestry (great grandparents and above, plus collaterals -- I think I blogged about how excited I was to find Aebe Smit's death certificate and how shocked I was at how late he died). Most recently, I found the death record for Johannes Sijmons Bakker, where I was puzzling over where he was born. I eventually thought to just go through the place name list in genlias for Friesland, where I found it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Itens. Bakker broke my Friesland rule! He was born more than 7 miles away from where he lived and died (this is funny but it isn't a joke) -- and the information is all in one record (born in Ytens, lived in Pingjum) so if there's a mistake it isn't mine.
Tags: genealogy

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