walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Cover Art

Yesterday, I was wasting time online. I read a bit over at the SB blog and found this:


Which led me to this:


Which made me laugh and laugh and laugh and remember that I own at least one book by Jim Hines and I really ought to read it because every time I run across anything involving Jim Hines I laugh and laugh and laugh and he seems like a completely wonderful human being.

From there, you can go lots of places, but don't miss the follow-up post:


He also says this:

"A few covers which I feel do a pretty good job of conveying strong, capable female characters: The Gaslight Dogs, An Artificial Night, The Darkest Edge of Dawn. Other suggestions and general discussion are welcome, as always."

The Charlie Madigan book is book 2 in the series and I hadn't read any of it yet. Looked like fun, tho, so I picked up _The Better Part of Darkness_ last night and read it on the kindle. Review to follow, however, I enjoyed it enough to think that I might try out a "pick a book by its cover policy" with a tilt towards covers that do a "pretty good job of conveying strong, capable female characters". As opposed to a really stupid job of same.

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