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One CGCM obit bagged

John Harold Isaac's great-grandfather (my great-great-grandfather) is the top level guy in my family register. I _think_ that makes us 2nd cousins once removed but I'm fully accepting of any correction anyone would like to supply.

http://www.threehillscapital.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=422 :isaac-john-harold&catid=99:obituaries&Itemid=319

I also surfed around my ancestry.com tree, because I _knew_ I'd found obits on some of the other people in recent generations. They are not consistently CGCM. I've started putting obits in as "stories" so they are publicly visible, but I used to put them in as "Notes", which are only visible to people who are editors of the tree.

I stumbled across an academic article (testing Max Weber's thesis about capitalism and protestantism against Holdeman Mennonites, believe it or not) that suggested CGCM's have about a 50% attrition rate or greater in children of members. This is both unsurprising and real familiar to someone who was raised a JW. I can't really remember a lot of detail from any of my visits with the Mennonites. I'm _sure_ some were Plain people (and not Hutterites); equally, I know some weren't, and it wasn't just the excommunicated ones who weren't Plain. I think there really is a mix of anabaptist denominations represented amongst my cousins.

Another Delbert Plett blue paperback has arrived (Leaders of the Kleine Gemeinde). It's really annoying how difficult it is to get any detailed information on the CGCM. Just like JW's, they don't write about themselves for outsiders, and they don't let outsiders in far enough to write about them.
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