walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: wiring, shoveling, a meeting ...

The meeting was a regular one at the preschool to discuss A.'s progress. She is wonderful. All is good.

The shoveling was nasty, Seattle-style slush. And yes, New Englanders have accidents when this crap is on the road, too. Partly it's a first-storm-of-the-year phenomenon (strictly speaking, not really -- there was a doozy back in October, not in terms of inches, but in terms of knocking out power), but mostly it's just because it's hard to take it seriously, while from a physics perspective, it is much worse than multiple inches of dry snow. Everyone expected the snow to turn to rain and the white stuff to vanish magically. Unfortunately, it stayed snow, and while cars kept it from sticking to the road, I still had to shovel the walk and the drive.

The wiring had many parts to it. R. wanted cat-5 (<-- feel free to critique my punctuation choice) run from I'm not sure where to somewhere else. I also had my wacky plugs with the USB built in installed (one on the first floor, one on the third). They were a holiday present from my secret Santa (thanks J.! They are Sweet!). And my other holiday present was a very different plug from R., which is for a generator, in the unlikely event we ever have another power outage. Also there was some rope lighting installed above the cabinets in the kitchen. Mmmmm, ambiance.

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