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I've been spending weeks -- months, years? -- intermittently trying to disentangle various subdivisions of anabaptism. And today, I don't have a _new_ one per se, altho it might be a new name for one. I _know_ I read about the Church of God Mennonite when I was reading Dyck's book; I don't remember if he used the word "Holdeman". He probably did.

Anyway. I've buried the lede, because that's what I do. In my little yellow, impossible to replace Family Register for the T family, there is a Conspicuous Absence. Johann's surviving reproductive child by his first marriage and all but one of the surviving reproductive children from his second marriage each have a section devoted to them and their descendants. That's how the thing is organized.

Did the "But One", that is, Peter W. T. 1866-1935 (at least according to my book) have kids? I've seen trees on ancestry.com that say a variety of things, but I wasn't sure. However, I've got some great sources now.


Picture of Peter's blacksmith shop.

Hey I should buy this book!


A fonds appears to be a technical term, but here's some archival material:


Here is information about his half-uncle's "fonds":


And that's where I get some suspicion about why Peter W. might have left the blacksmith shop in Steinbach to move to Alberta to run a coal mine. He had a bunch of family there ... the family that maybe shared his faith. I am not sure how this explains Peter W. and all his offspring being left out of a 1970s compilation (altho I guess maybe some grudges die hard), particularly given the joint movements of the various clans, not only to this area in Alberta (heck, my grandmother died about fifty miles away in Olds, and they included _her_, divorces and all) but to Peace Creek as well.

That first wife might have been the foster daughter of his half-uncle and his wife, leader of the batch that left the KG to for the CGCM.


I'm sure I'll be coming back to this repeatedly, and feeling like a complete idiot about all the bits I got wrong, or overlooked, or both.


This might come in handy:

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