walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Sick Family Update, Still More

At least it's just respiratory stuff now.

Both the kids have colds. And we got standby slots for physicals for both of them this week, which is a sign that everyone else has colds, too. I am apparently a rare parent in that I've got a rule: Never Cancel a Well-Child Checkup Just Because They Are Sick. I spread the shots out anyway, so what does it matter? And if they're really sick, I've got an appointment all set up and ready to go.

Anyway. A.'s visit resulted in a DTaP shot, which led to a fever which meant she spent two days (Tues/Weds) home sick. T. caught A.'s cold. On Wednesday, he had a physical (no shots -- he's all caught up), but today, they sent him home early because when he gets colds, it sets off his airway issues. Also, it's heating season and the air is dry and _that_ really makes him cough. Despite having been seen by a doctor less than 24 hours previously, the school nurse was still pressuring us to take him in again. Not gonna happen; we're very used to this.

My new plan is simple: school environment a problem? Fix the environment. We've got a request out to the doctor to produce a prescription for less-dry air, which we will propose to fulfill by supplying humidifiers to the two rooms at the school he spends most of his time in. They'll probably go along with this (if I were them, I'd request a cash supplement for the power, but for whatever reason, no one ever seems to think to ask for that kind of thing); we already asked them to put in full spectrum bulbs into one of the rooms because it _has no windows_ (we supplied the bulbs and yes, they are compact fluorescent). This, however, will take a little while to implement and he will still be coughing tomorrow so I'm just going to keep him home. We'll run errands and hang out and play tablet games. Might even be fun.
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