walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

The Stairs are Winning

When I was pregnant with T., I went down to the basement for something and about six steps from the bottom, I slipped and fell the rest of the way, developing a really ugly bruise on my left, er, cheek as a result. I always used the handrail on basement steps thereafter, except when I didn't and I was super-aware when I didn't.

I am not this cautious about the steps from the first to the second floor. Well, I wasn't. I am now. On Sunday, I went upstairs to retrieve my daughters slippers (she asked for them) while wearing wool socks. Very slippery wool socks. I slipped maybe four steps from the top and slid all the way down. This time, multiple bruises, the biggest one being on my upper left arm. I was doing a really good flail trying to slow my descent but wasn't able to stop (the bruises were all a result of this flailing since I didn't fall any specific substantial distance through air onto a sharp corner).

On my list of things to do this week is to find someone who will install a carpet runner on the stairs. Because if I'm absent minded enough to forget to use the handrail AND wear slippery socks once, odds on, I'll do it again.
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