walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: Santa!

Yes, we went to see Santa. The consignment shop we LLOOOVVVEEE in West Acton (Buttons and Bows) was visited by Santa today from 11-1 p.m. When I first got the e-mail, I laughed skeptically. Yeah. Like we'd be able to do that. However, the kids slept in this morning. After pancakes (from a box -- I'm experimenting, because they like restaurant pancakes but won't eat my pancakes with nearly the enthusiasm) and french toast, they were acting a little bored. At 11:30, I thought, hey, maybe we can at least convince A. it'll be a fun outing. T. was all about staying home, until he understood Santa was involved. Apparently all those Mickey Mouse Clubhouse videos with Santa in them worked as indoctrination. Who knew? We went. The kids sat in a nice gentleman's lap. Santa understood about T. with a brief mention and let him hang onto his (mine, strictly speaking) iPad. R. got pictures of both the kids, and Santa was kind enough to let us have some more pictures around the train table a little while later.

I even picked up some shoes for A. and a Handy Manny toy. Fun!. I _love_ that store.

R. will probably post pictures over on FB.
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