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friday, saturday

Child care's car is not working AND R. went to work for a meeting, thus endangering both volunteering in the morning and the cabal meeting in the afternoon/evening. However, he went in late since it started after lunch, so I got to spend time at the library while R. took Teddy upstairs. And I dropped Teddy off at child care's apartment, which worked great because she has pets (a couple dogs and a cat IIRC) so he got to spend time with animals which he generally loves. R. picked him up so I got over three hours away from Teddy. Shocking. Dunno when the last time that happened was. Lots of fun. P. was at the cabal meeting so we had a good gossip all 'round.

Today no child care. R. took some stuff to the dump, but it has otherwise been more jammy time. This is the bad thing about taking a day off exercising; it's hard to restart. At least I've been eating reasonably. I decided the ketchup and mustard have way too much sodium for what I get out of them and have been fiddling with a ketchup recipe, and putting mustard powder into the aioli. The ketchup recipe is still not quite right, but is tasty and works on the fritters and, to a lesser degree, on the fried potatoes, which are themselves a little odd because I've run out of paprika and cumin and discovered that cheap chili powder has salt in it. This is just unfair. And you would not believe the sodium numbers on chipotle tabasco sauce. Interestingly, when I eat potatoes with the replacement ketchup, the momentum is almost entirely gone. Hunh. It isn't the sugar, then. The salt causes me problems, but I do seek it more than I thought I did. Low sodium bread is less interesting, too.

Oh, and there's a wide variation in the sodium in breakfast cereal, too. This is ridiculous.

Anyway, I finished _The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland_ and _101 Things You Never Knew About Disneyland_, both of which I'll bring with me because they have information I will not be able to retain completely and which will come in handy. Fun reads, too. After some discussion with R., I spent some time with the printer making up little cards that list my food allergies and the low sodium request. I figure this way I can pass them out when we eat out and that should help me not get too sick. Kinda geeky, particularly R.'s suggestion to have the same message in Spanish on the back.

Spanish is not one of my languages, but I had enough practice putting together saying the same thing in Dutch, German and French for the trip to Europe a few years back that I have a system. I use google to get a rough idea. I rewrite until it can actually propose a translation for all the words and it looks approximately right (this wouldn't work with a non-Latin/non-Germanic language for me, obviuosly). Then I take any phrases that look somewhat suspicious and google those phrases, which usually turns up sites in the target language that use a form of that phrase. That usually tells me it's okay, or directs me in how to fix it. When I did this for the Europe trip, I wasn't producing stuff to show people but learning how to say it accurately and quickly, so I also made sure I knew how to explain that I didn't actually speak the language (well) and how to apologize for my horrid grammar/accent. In this case, I found a phrase to include on the card to similar effect. R. even had business card stock, so I have these lovely printed cards now. Very, very geeky.

Still have to finish the Watts book. Hopefully soon.

I'm almost completely packed. I'm assembling a mound of Teddy's clothes. I'm hoping R. decides to pack soon. He knows I want him to get it done this weekend. He got a bunch of laundry done today which should help. We've decided to just use disposables this trip, because we are sick of trying to keep up on cloth diapers at a hotel.

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