walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Mandatory Testing Debate Finally Getting a Little Traction


School board member takes 10th grade standardized test. Does poorly. Publicizes results and uses it as a platform to try to get some possibility of change.


Okay, here's my question.

I was complaining about what a bad idea high stakes standardized testing was during the Clinton Administration. As in, _way_ before things went nuts with No Child Allowed to Succeed. I can't prove that I was complaining about this because I wasn't a blogger at that point (altho B.C. was trying to convince me to start even then -- he seemed to feel Pundit was my natural vocation and it's hard not to think he might have been onto something, altho I might be more inclined to use words like "windbag"). I'm assuming the person who took the test is older than me (based on the grown children remark). I'd sort of like to know what led to his Conversion Experience. Was it realizing that people he knew and cared about (teachers and administrators) were about to be punished because of test results?


Still, better late than never. Big kudos to anyone who gets on this and rides it all the way to a saner future.
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