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Former Gas Station, soon to be Bank (different gas station becoming restaurant)

R. points out that the former location for West Acton Market is still empty on Mass Ave in West Acton. I had apparently erased that space from my brain (and I cannot find it on LoopNet, for that matter).

Anyway. He said he wondered what was going into the former Citgo (and many, many, many other gas brands) station on Mass Ave across from the AAA/Starbucks/etc. A little research turned up an address, and a little more research found this:


(Real risk that I could dump arbitrary amounts of time into exploring a site like eznotice.com. Which I am carefully not doing, because I'm going to go to bed soon. When I moved to the East Coast late in 2003, I said, self, there are no WaMu branches around here. Self, you need a new bank with free checking and widely available ATMs. I settled upon Bank of New Hampshire, which then became Banknorth and is now TD Bank. They have never gotten rid of the free checking, so I'm still with them, and I _really like_ the whole fast-food approach to banking they seem to subscribe to (cheap gifts for the kiddies, stunningly convenient hours and a human resources emphasis on Smiling at the Customers). More specifically, the kids like the lollipops, particularly the green ones.

More or less since I moved to this town, the branch in Concord has been telling us that there will shortly be a branch here. I didn't necessarily believe them: it can take a while to make a new branch happen and you just never know when corporate headquarters will decide to retrench. I was seriously contemplating switching to a different bank, as there are several in walking distance.

The temptation to do that has now vanished: this is definitely walking distance, altho I'm more likely to stop on the bike while on my way to Roche Bros.

ETA: OOOOH, and look at _this_:


I hope the Board of Select* said yes: Bueno Y Sano Acton in the former Harmony Market/Cafe location would be _amazing_.

My life is good but it is about to get better.
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