walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

A Few Remarks on Recent Media Consumption

I got the Angelina Ballerina _New Teacher_ app on the ipad. A. really likes the videos and some of the interactive bits in the text; she's not really listening to the text being read out loud. She brought over a kFire and demanded ballerina, so I got my first shot at trying Amazon Prime video on a kFire. It looks nice.

I've been watching a lot of (purchased) Amazon video on the downstairs TV, mostly Sanctuary Season 4 episodes. I don't watch these because I love the writing; I watch them because I like looking at Amanda Tapping (basically the same reason I keep watching Rizzoli & Isles -- I like looking at Angie Harmon, too). Huge payoff recently in the form of Helen Magnus being Kissed:


Season 4, Episode 4, "Monsoon". Charlotte Benoit is played by Sandrine Holt, who looked familiar but I couldn't place her. Fortunately, the internet helped me out -- she played Cho's girlfriend on the Mentalist in "Blood In, Blood Out". That is an actress who is spending time playing characters whose romantic tastes are entirely understandable to me.

Really, moments like that make up for a lot of bad writing. Also, the musical episode "Fugue" had good enough music (altho not enough of it) to justify its operatically ludicrous plotline. A _really_ excellent ending in the interaction between Magnus and Zimmerman.

None of the above remarks should be regarded as even partial reviews much less recommendations. Just because I spend my time consuming this stuff doesn't mean I think you should, too.
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