walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

_More Psychic Roots_, Henry Z Jones, Jr

Subtitled _Further Adventures in Serendipity and Intuition in Genealogy_

Again, not available in e-form, so I bought it in p-form.

The emphasis in this volume is less on pro-genealogists and more on "grass roots" contributors who responded to the first book and the television show based on it. Again, a lot of these things just aren't actually that random (and the genealogist I hired was a specialist in exactly what I needed! Yes, well, you picked them and the process you described for picking them certainly increased the odds of getting a person with that specialization), there's a lot of domain knowledge in play and many of the stories have solid evidence of perceptual distortion.

That said, they're enormously fun to read, and the tribute to Carla Mittelstaedt-Kubaseck at the end is extremely endearing. If you enjoyed the first one, you'll probably enjoy this one as well. If you're scratching your head trying to figure out why I'm reading this stuff, well, never mind.
Tags: book review, genealogy
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