walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Sick Family Update

As of this morning, R. seems to be mostly recovered from the respiratory issue, but has developed some GI problems. A. has _not_ recovered from the respiratory issue and developed a serious enough GI problem that even I couldn't rationalize sending her to preschool (and she wasn't sad to stay home, for that matter). She had enough energy to want to do an outing when M. left after a visit with her dog P., so A. and I went to Idylwilde to pick up the turkey I ordered and some other things for T-day. I had already had to cancel my hair cut. After we returned, A. was seriously underfoot and unhappy and started complaining vigorously about her ear. I tried to get her down for a nap, failed, went downstairs to have lunch and call the doctor. While I was on the phone to the doctor getting a same day (unfortunately, at exactly the time T. gets home from school on the van), A. finally wiped out -- she's asleep with her legs half draped off the bed.

The good news is, I got most of the T-day shopping done. The bad news is, R. is not responding to phone messages; he's probably out on the bike. Hopefully he'll be back in communication before someone needs to take A. to the doctor and/or meet T.'s van.

Please continue to feel sorry for us. We certainly feel sorry for all the people who are at the grocery store doing their T-weekend shopping while sick.

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