walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: return to the Honda dealership, lunch at Thai Chili

R. and I took a swing at amending Tax Year 2009 today. Predictably, I managed to confuse TurboTax and he had to figure out how to fix it. We'll attempt again next week. Probably. In the meantime, he took a nap and then we went to lunch in Maynard at Thai Chili. Yum. After that, we went back to the Honda dealership where I gave them my old Fit and picked up my new Fit. It is red. I must now obey every single traffic law, rule and regulation because I am a Target of Opportunity. It'll be good for my character.

I got a sport and had them install an entertainment system and a navigation system so it is foolishly tricked out, to the extent it is possible to foolishly trick out a 2011 Fit. Gone are the days of R. complaining about my gear choices; it is a manual. Which is a little sad, but solves a long-standing issue with loanability (it is amazing how few people are willing to drive a manual). R. is currently putting the cargo area lid in and after that it's just a matter of updating the account with FastPass or whatever it's called and getting little velcro bits to attach it to the windshield. We go back on Tuesday for the updated registration and stickers; we just swapped plates.

I still sort of wish I could have bought a Nissan Leaf, but I'm too chicken to be an early adopter. They are difficult to lay hands on still. I live in the Northeast and worry about getting stranded on a very cold day. Let someone else work out any problems first, I figure.
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