walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

the kindles are here

Both the Touch and the kFires arrived today. Fun! They are small! Also, I sure hope I find a better way to go to the next page in Archived Items than the one I have found because I Am Not Impressed. Doesn't matter -- I just went over to Manage My Kindle on the website and downloaded stuff that way.

I tried an ad supported version of Angry Birds on the kFire and the ads are too intrusive for me (if you are used to FB game ads, they will seem like nothing, but I gave up gaming on FB when I got hooked on iPad games). .99 (ETA: actually, I got some sort of matching discount so it didn't cost me anything. Sweet.) got me the ad-free version and it is pretty and just what you would expect it to be.

I'm going to hide these before the kids get home, because I've only had time to get one updated and I'm not going to have a big fight with the kids over who gets to use the new toy until I have all three ready to go so I can pass them out and insist that if they want to trade they have to do it politely. I'm wondering how much time my husband will spend on the kFire he was so sure he didn't want for himself. These things are _really_ comfortable to hold.
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