walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

are you absolutely _sure_ it's wednesday?

Hunh. And I had child care yesterday, too. I think I used that time to use the treadmill in the basement. I definitely remember taking Teddy to playgroup. Small turnout (two other mothers; three kids total), but fun.

Today I took Teddy to Hampshire Hills. They had some kind of toddler fanny pack that he did not want to let go when he left, but was willing to trade for one of my gloves. Unfortunately, he had a five minute nap in the car, and then wouldn't go back to sleep until 4 p.m. Grr. Child care again today (wonders will never cease, well, of course they will, but YKWIM). Spent ten minutes on an exercise bike hating it, waiting for a treadmill to become available. I leapt when one emptied and belatedly realized there were other people vulturing. Ha! I was faster. Also I had arrived earlier.

Went to reading group last night (oh yeah -- I was trying to so hard to remember to go!) and only two other women shoed up, L. (who runs the group and was late; she's very pregnant) and another woman who I like but whose name I have forgotten. Very pleasant. Missed a call from R., and then forgot to call her back after. This morning is too early to call the west coast but I did eventually get around to it. Also very pleasant.

R. had a meeting this morning at 10, which means I'm extra tired (worked out, missed an hour of morning sleep AND no nap for the kid until late), but in a much better mood since I've been able to hide out up in the office for a while with a book and the laptop and catch up on a few things.

I'm nearly done with Watts' _The Magic Kingdom_, and picked up Gabler's Disney bio at the library last night. I'm waiting for The Unofficial Guide and 101 Things You Never Knew About Disneyland to show up (maybe tomorrow). This whole trip-planning process has felt bass-ackwards all along. I made the hotel reservation months ago (I think last October), but didn't have plane tickets or definite dates until much more recently as I was waiting to hear back from other friends. I bought the plane tickets within a month of departure, but got an insanely cheap deal. I didn't buy any guidebooks until yesterday, but we've had two meal reservations for over a month. I started the packing process when the new luggage (the carryon and Traveling Toddler device for attaching the car seat to the carryon -- which works, if anyone cares) arrived.

Bass-ackwards. It's my fault. I have quite the system for traveling (which has undergone extensive modification to include Teddy) normally, and an order in which I do things. But usually, if I'm going somewhere for pleasure (as opposed to visit family), I have to do a fair amount of research ahead of time as I haven't been there before. Not so in this case. OTOH, I _never_ did proper research on Disneyland, since I had been going there since I was a wee child -- but always at someone else's instigation. This trip is also at someone else's instigation, but because I'm seeing other friends before that part of the trip, I felt a lot more ownership this time. And I think I've hit an age where the control freakiness has completely petrified in place, so no matter who is arranging things, I'm going to figure out what I want and do it regardless.

I find I'm so much happier this way. I feel mildly bad that it isn't necessarily as pleasant for those around me. But not bad enough to consider changing back.

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