walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: a visit to the Honda dealership

R. took T. to a nearby Honda dealership for some work on our van. After I walked with M. (A. was with B.F.), I went over there because the work was estimated to take an hour and a half. Once there, T. and I walked around the showroom looking at the cars, then we went outside with a salesperson to see what the 2011 Fit looked like.

I had a very specific request: I wanted built-in navigation. I was willing to compromise on everything else, so I don't think I'm getting the Sport package, I am getting an automatic (which is both what I wanted and a little sad -- if you drive a manual, no one can borrow your car which can be annoying), the dealer is installing navigation AND a backseat entertainment system (headrest TVs for the kiddies). I didn't really believe they'd do the latter, so when they said they could and showed me a price that was less than what I thought it would cost to retrofit the 2007, I was all over it. Especially since they offered to buy my existing car (independent of a new car sale, or as a tradein price -- they specified) for $9000. Could I get a little more if I went to a lot of trouble to sell it myself? Not enough to justify the effort.

I gave them a deposit on a credit car and signed paperwork. I'm due back on Tuesday with a check. I broke the news to T. tonight that I was going to trade the blue car for the red car that he saw today. He was really unhappy. I deployed some Replays techniques. I also emphasized that this was Mama's Car and Mama's Choice, not his choice. I didn't try to get him to like it. Interestingly, he went over to the wooden car ramps toy and picked out a green car as an example of a color he would have preferred. I guess if it really bothers him I can have it painted; my guess is he'll be pretty resigned to it fairly quickly. I'm hoping the TVs in the headrests are a benefit for him and not a negative that he will attempt to destroy. T. can be hard to predict sometimes.

We got out of there after the van was repaired and decamped for a McDonald's. I've been wanting to get a Fit with navigation almost since I got a Fit without navigation (they didn't originally have it as an option), but I had other plans for the 2007 that were dragging on and that recently came to an abrupt (but satisfying, if somewhat horrifying) end.
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