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Walt Disney World Trip Report: the California Grill at the Contemporary

R. and I had dinner at the California Grill at the Contemporary on Sunday night, the night before we returned home. Fireworks were at 8 p.m. and our reservation was for 7:55 p.m. -- we were seated late because everyone was stalling so they could watch the fireworks. We didn't really care because where we were staying, we'd had a great view every night of the fireworks, thus meeting our Annual Recommended Fireworks Requirement.

The bar at the Contemporary made us a nice sidecar, altho we failed to request it up. Normally, it comes out up but was on the rocks this time. Still tasty.

I had a salmon roll to start. Salmon, rice, nori. It was a little weird -- the sushi rice wasn't sushi rice. It wasn't the right kind of grain and they hadn't even attempted to get the texture right. I'm assuming this was one of those Disney-makes-it-less-scary things. It tasted good, but not quite what I was expecting.

I ordered the steak which came with roasted potatoes and green beans (the potatoes may have been a sub for mashed because of my dairy issues -- I don't recall). It was good and, as usual, the amount of meat was a little more than I wanted but the amount of potatoes and beans was about right. Predictably for Disney, they did a great job on the potatoes.

We got a glass of Mt. Veeder cab (I forget if it was a blend or what), because we drink more Oregon pinots than Napa anything, but if I see Veeder on a bottle I almost feel compelled to try it out (I have Veeder ancestors -- this is one of the lines that goes back to the Dutch Colony of New Netherland). I don't love cabs, but I enjoyed this one.

The service was excellent and, as one would expect from a California-themed restaurant, friendly-informal. The chef came out to chat and came back to double-check. There were no errors. R. enjoyed his food as well. If you know you'll be at WDW far enough in advance to get reservations, I highly recommend it. We saw families there, so it doesn't have to be an adult-only experience, but it works well as an adult-only experience.
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