walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

I may be less present for the next few weeks

In addition to the obvious things (holiday season starts with Halloween, we're hosting T-weekend for R.'s extended family, etc.), there are some less obvious things, the least obvious would be that I apparently started writing the genealogy memoir I've been mulling over for the last several months. I had been stumped by the problem of organization (<-- common problem for me) and ultimately decided that I had a perfectly good way of organizing the book if I was willing to take it: tell the process story without worrying about getting the chronology exactly right, and use "cousins" as a unifying theme. I wrote a little over 7000 words yesterday, without even necessarily intending to. I blame the season.

The effect is that it's actually hard to even watch TV right now, because I'd rather be keyboarding words into documents.

ETA Already getting spam. From logged in users. Really? I'm dealing with a power outage over here. I'm not dead.
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