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Residential Property Management


That's an ugly looking URL. Sorry.

Anyway. 2nd paragraph of the article in its entirety:

"Weidner Apartment Homes gifted the RPM program $1 million based purely on the high quality of interns and employees Weidner has recruited from Ball State over the past three years."

Ignoring the verb choice, wow! Explanation later in the article: the person at Weidner, Virgillo, thought the program might be struggling and wanted to make sure it survived, partly because the students graduate with credentials the employers would otherwise have to pay for them to get, partly because the program is "well developed".

Back when I was asking questions like, can you get a degree in property management? I would have been overjoyed to stumble across an article like this. Actually, I still am. If you are a Young Person and you don't want to go into health care or engineering, I'd stick Property Management somewhere on your list of Reliable Day Jobs. I haven't been able to ascertain the typical travel commitment, yet, however, so that might still suck.
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