walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

The weekend's activities include: 2x horse, groceries

On Saturday, R. took T. to a camp reunion. Not very many people showed up, but there were a few and R. and T. walked through some woods (and ex-woods) for a bit. They came back with ticks. R. got some of them last night but this morning, T. was crying about his ear and when I looked, there was one right there. At least it wasn't engorged yet. And T. had one last week, too, that _was_ engorged. But they don't do prophylactic abx with kids this little; we're just supposed to watch for unexplained fever and other things for a monthish.

A. and I hung out at home and went for a walk and then a short bike ride, then hung out with a couple of our neighbors. I got a call from the place where T. does therapeutic riding and which we've been trying to get A. into since hippotherapy ended with E.I. They have a slot for her! So today, both kids went (at different times) to go groom and ride the horses. While T. was gone, A. and I went to the grocery store to do our weekly shopping (it's _almost_ starting to be routine -- I'm so committed to it I'm writing the grocery list out organized by section of the store. I'm not sure I've _ever_ been this organized). But before that, I started a loaf of bread, which I finished after we came back from the store. I've been meaning to get back in the habit of baking bread for a while, largely because I can make it without any sodium beyond what is naturally occurring in the ingredients and it just isn't possible to buy anything similar (the low/no sodium ezekiel bread is just Not the Same). It turned out okay -- I let it rise a little too long so it's got more of a beer-y taste than ideal, but if I can do this a few times I'll get the hang of the timing again.
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