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Duck Goose books by Tad Hills

I had such a ridiculous amount of time before book group last Monday that I went to Willow Books and bought some Halloween themed (and other) children's books, including _Duck & Goose Find a Pumpkin_ by Tad Hills. A. wanted more when we finished it, so I went to order more through Amazon where I discovered there were kindle editions. I was skeptical, so I got a sample delivered to one of the iPads (wow, since I ordered the kFires for my family and my sister's there are a _lot_ of kindles on my drop down list to choose from) where, YES it is indeed in color. Okay then. I ordered a few: Opposites, 1 2 3 and the original. The original is wordy; the rest are not. So I like the rest better than I like the first one, which feels like a thinly disguised metaphor for a couple of people coparenting a new kid and trying to figure out how best to go about that (probably reading that into the book. Probably) and thus more adult-themed than kid-themed. The rest of the books are appropriate to their genre (pairs of pictures involving the characters doing opposite things: near, far, etc.; pictures of the characters with some number of whatever to count; the characters bumbling around trying to find a pumpkin and having adventures until another one points them at the pumpkin patch -- a lot like a Katz book that way but without the flaps).

The art is appealing. Except for the first in the series, they have very few words per page. They have a mild sense of humor.

I like them. A. likes them. They are not interactive, at least in the kindle-for-iPad version, but they are in color. (Arguably they are too expensive.)
Tags: book review, children's book
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