walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

a little genealogical moment

I was over at Nate Hoffelder's blog and saw some guest posts by John Miedema about the transition from p-books to e-books. They're a little overwrought but at least interesting so I went over to Miedema's blog to see more. Also, because that name made me itch. Over at Miedema's blog, in http://johnmiedema.ca/libricide-practice-destroying-books, Miedema describes a novel _Shelf Monkey_, by Corey Redekop (now breaking out in hives) with a protagonist Thomas Friesen.

Time to stop and figure out why these names are setting off all the little genealogical bells and whistles in my head.

(1) Redekop. That is a Mennonite name. Confirmation to be found here: http://shelf-monkey.blogspot.com/2009/01/reviews-ive-had-few-one-more-than.html
(2) Friesen. Also, a Mennonite name. Suggests possibly Frys ancestry, but also suggests membership in Frisian Mennonite groups.
(3) Miedema. Oh, yeah! I have Miedema's in my tree on my dad's side. In Fryslan. Of course. Itch scratched.

Miede means meadow. I had to get out the _paper_ Frys dictionary to find out, however, because googling failed me (probably just didn't try hard enough). But if you're thinking that sounds like mead, the fermented honey drink, I thought they were different roots when R. suggested that and etymonline is on my side.

I'm going to go sleep now because my capacity to make the pattern matching part of my brain shut up for long enough to follow an unrelated thought has disappeared. Entirely.
Tags: genealogy
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