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This Weeks Activities Included: appraisal, porch carpet, visitor ...

I feel like this could be an Eric Carle book.

On Monday, T. (not my son) cleaned the house, the house was appraised for the refi and Lowe's delivered the work surface to go on top of the washer and dryer. And I went to book group, where I picked up two pieces of art (but failed to collect the hat).

On Tuesday, the carpeting for the screened portion of the porch was installed. I think I may have done the grocery shopping Tuesday, too.

On Wednesday, we had a visitor: my cousin B. spent the day and most of the night (early morning departure for Logan Thursday). That was fun -- I haven't seen him in person since 2008. I dropped off one of the pieces of art at the frame shop and bought a frame for T.'s school picture while I was there. I also went to Trader Joe's.

On Thursday, R. had clinic for T. at the elementary school (T. is doing great; R. will be buying full spectrum bulbs for the resource room or whatever they call it. They really did put the special needs kids into a room with _no windows_. Someone complained because the old location was fairly distant from the rest of the classrooms. This is why people need to ask what alternatives are available before complaining. Oh, and it was NOT a parent who forced the change. *sigh*), so I dropped off A. During a phone conversation with R. (not my husband. Or my sister. Well, not my biological sister, anyway), I learned that I needed to have a heater installed at the condo, so I fb messaged someone else who lives in the building and the condo management to find out what the rules are for installing a heater to replace broken radiant heating.

It's been a busy week, but despite that, thanks to still having B., we've been able to socialize a little and continue to have real meals for dinner where we sit down and get to talk. It is _nice_.

I've re-immersed myself in genealogy (this is probably evident from recent posts). On the Hamlin line, that has taken the form of trying to understand the geography (thanks again to H.!), but mostly I've been focused on deepening my understanding of (my branches of) Mennonite migrations through Europe between 1550 and 1750. I know what my people were doing in some detail _after_ 1750, but before that is still very vague. I've discovered along the way that some Poles did convert and join the Mennonite colonies. This was a tough thing to do, given the political, religious and linguistic situation, but it did happen. Just as some Islamic countries today are willing to let people be Xtian as long as they don't convert anyone, so were parts of Europe in the relevant centuries. The dodge was to have the Polish person _go to the Netherlands_ for a while, join a Mennonite church there, and then return. !!! Sure, this is all within the Hansa, but _still_. But I with this knowledge, I also have a list of characteristic surnames (and none of them show up in any of the trees that I have). I'm sure there will be more surprises which break my general principles (people staying put, people moving short distances, people reproducing with the group they moved with, etc.), but I'm betting the general outcome will remain unchanged.
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