walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities include: picture hanging wire, book shuffling

I didn't pick A. up on the bike today, however we did go for a brief bike ride upon our return home. She wanted to play on the swings, but the whole playground was just too soggy. She kept asking for an acorn as we walked out to the car, but we could only find acorn caps. Fortunately, one from a previous expedition turned up atop a dresser so she did eventually get one.

We've been able to cook more meals at home lately; today we had a pork and veg stir fry (we had steak with mushrooms/zucchini/tomato yesterday).

I'm continuing to rearrange books, which is low key fun and very satisfying. I went to the hardware store yesterday for paint (for the downstairs lav), but forgot to get picture hanging wire so I went back today (they are starting to recognize me, which is unsurprising -- it's an Ace). That let me hang a family photo that had two really difficult to get onto the wall hooks by converting them to a single wire which at least I understand.

This year, two of my friends from Seattle have stopped in for a visit while on their way to or from a not-employment-related workshop. That got me thinking I should do something similar. While catching up on (still more -- makes me think it really will never end) filing, I read a genealogical newsletter and thought, hey! The 1940 census comes out soon. I should be prepping for that -- and I should be tracking down a genealogical society locally to get tips from other people while I'm at it. I'm going to miss the annual meeting because of a conflict, and the October meeting is already past, but hopefully I'll be able to go to ones starting in December or, worst case, January. I'm also looking around for a relatively local seminar on prepping for the census release -- there's one in NYC, but I'm not going to that one.
Tags: genealogy
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