walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

R of K&R dies

The ZDnet response is good:


And the one at Dr Dobbs is touching:




collects some nice, short tributes.

There are many more.

My first experience with Ritchie's work could best be described as 45 minutes of anger and frustration with K&R (the book), trying to get hello world to work and failing because I had the wrong slash. After that rocky start, however, I grew to love the world he (and others) created in Unix and C (when I wasn't busy hating computers generally, because they had failed in some way that was not my fault). My short and ridiculously remunerative career existed entirely within that world. While I do not in any way miss programming (and have written virtually no code since retiring), if, for any reason, I had to return to that life, I would once again insist on working only within that world.

I hope he enjoyed his life and his place in our world.
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