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Netflix Streaming vs. Amazon Instant Video (Prime), episode n

Lately, both kids have been asking to watch Rocky and Bullwinkle (it doesn't sound like that when they ask for it, which can be really confusing, but we're resigned to that). R. has some boxed sets of DVDs, and we've been watching season 1 a lot. B. has some disks from boxed sets that a friend passed along to her, so they watch it at her place, too.

It occurred to me, after A. handed me an iPad and demanded Rocky and Bullwinkle on the iPad, that there was probably a way to get Rocky and Bullwinkle other than through YouTube (<-- and right there, talk about a missed business opportunity). Sure enough, Netflix appears to have all 5 seasons available through the streaming service (this is profoundly unsurprising to me, given how much of the Star Trek franchise you can watch streamed from Netflix, not to mention endless amounts of kidvid, except Teletubbies and I'm not going to get started on the difficulties to acquiring Teletubbies. At least not right now I'm not). Amazon Instant Video, however, appears to only have seasons 1-4. I tried a bunch of different ways of searching and I came up empty. (I even tried searching for individual episodes from season 5, which led me to realize that _The Moose That Roared_ is not available on the kindle.)

So when Nate Hoffelder says this:


I don't really agree with him. He makes excellent points, but what everyone who is busy pointing out that Netflix doesn't have current content seems to not notice is how freakishly comprehensive their older content is. Specifically, the older content that I wind up caring about that I had no idea I was going to care about. Amazon Prime Instant Video _looks_ like it should be a replacement for Netflix streaming. But it isn't.

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