walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: Still More Filing, reframing and getting rid of books

Still not e-filing.

And just when I thought I'd put away the last of the stacks of to-be-filed financial wtf, I stumbled across Still More. Oh well. Maybe _that_ batch is the last batch. At least it's only a few things.

I also took the Piet Mondrian print to the frame shop to get a replacement frame for the broken not-really-a-frame. While in that parking lot, I unloaded a bunch of books into a GotBooks container. Earlier, I had unloaded a few bags of clothes (some mine, some abandoned by a renter at our old house -- we had permission) into a Red Cross container.

I later went back to that parking lot, on foot the second time, to have lunch and pick up some paint swatches. The downstairs lav _really_ needs to be repainted (the walls are badly marked). I picked a couple strips of yellow and R. is happy with one of the colors so tomorrow will involve phone calls to painters, because I'm not feeling quite that ambitious.

Oh, and I e-ambled over to ancestry to take a look at the tree again, because I'm feeling like I'm ready to start scanning things, now that the office has been excavated. While there, went up my maternal grandfather's line(s) to try to understand why they top out when they do. I was raised with a family legend that is largely true (that is, my maternal grandfather is descended from Mennonites who, prior to arriving in Canada, were most recently in Russia and before that lots of places and before that, they were Dutch), but the details of which were vague. I had identified some of the villages in Russia, and then before that in West Prussia/Poland, but I did not understand how anyone decided to go to the Vistula Delta from Frisia (even the eastern most bits are still a long freaking way to go). Answer? Frederick the Great. GAMEO came through for me, once again, but I've also ordered the kindle version of _Mennonites in Early Modern Poland and Prussia_ by Peter Klassen (wow is that last name familiar), after landing in it via google books.
Tags: genealogy
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