walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

The Virtual Happy Dance

While the folding table is still set up in the office, and still covered with stacks of tax paperwork, there is strong reason to believe that some time in the next couple weeks, we'll have finished the process and everything will be filed, both officially electronically, and for our own records. Which means we'll be able to fold up the folding table. In conjunction with having un-crated a bunch of plastic crates that have been sitting around for a while (probably since last year, when the contents of my condo were delivered in the summer, or possibly when I cleared the bottom shelves of some of the bookcases in the living room to make space for toys). It looks _much_ less like a storage space and much more like an enjoyable retreat.

Too bad I didn't get around to this _before_ K. came to visit. :l

The Happy Dance is Virtual, because I am now tired.
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