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Nicole Peeler, _Eye of the Tempest_

If you arrived here via The Googley, you should know that I passionately believe in spoilers. As in, sharing them all. If that bothers you, you need to leave _right now_.

In Book Four of Tempest Rising, Jane spends a lot of time with "Blondie", the Original she just doesn't quite trust -- even after Blondie saves her life and starts the long process of Explaining Everything. No, Jane starts to trust Blondie _after_ she meets Cthulu's Cousin. Because Cthulu's Cousin says she should trust Blondie.

You think I'm kidding. I am not.

I'm of two minds about this book. On the one hand, the ending seriously annoyed me. Not in a way that makes me disapprove of the author's morals a la Jim Butcher. No, this annoys me the sense that a tease annoys me. The whole damn book is Jane Not Quite Having tab P slot V sex with Anyan. (And given that the book involves her descending the Sow-Vortex, crawling into a whole, meeting something big with tentacles, battling a sex predator and a harpy -- different creatures -- and receiving a Magic Sword, the possible interpretations are, um, more than I'm prepared to get into here. Let's just call it Jungian and move on. Did I mention she speared a white dove to death by putting a sword in a sheath as one of the tests to get into the room with Cthulu's Cousin? Nope? Oh. Well, there's more, too. Stroking crystals, things coming up out of a cavern floor ...) On the other hand, they do have some other fun, and Anyan gets turned into a dog (no, really a dog) and all sorts of other interesting things happen. The agonizing over being unworthy is a bit angsty at times, but traditional for a Champion.

This is _not_ the book to start this series on, however, I still think the series is worth it, and here's why: (1) Maine! How cool is that. (2) Nothing about The One or Destined to Be Together type of thing. (3) Lots of books have background characters who aren't heterosexual. And these books have a lesbian couple, one of whom is not just interested in women. Which is cool. But Jane's orientation isn't entirely heterosexual, and I'm highly entertained by that.
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