walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Video! Or the real reason I'm salivating over the Kindle Fire

I've mentioned before my downloadable video conundrum: if I buy through iTunes, I can watch it on the iPads or my computer; if I (can) get it through Netflix, I can watch it on anything -- but that doesn't include a lot of recent TV episodes; if I get it through Amazon, I can watch it on the Tivo or on my computer, but not on the iPads.

Now, I can get it through Amazon, and watch it on either TV screen, my computer and a bunch of portable devices. Well, up to the device limit, anyway. (Which is one of the reasons I keep thinking there's space for more than one system. If you're going to have to buy a second license anyway, do you care whether you have to buy one on each system versus two on the same system?)

ETA: The kFire does not play HD videos, but if you buy an HD episode on Amazon, you get access to the SD episode included (the reverse is not the case -- there's usually a dollar or so difference on TV episodes -- I haven't bought enough movies to have a sense of the difference there). I had sort of wondered why buying the HD version got you access to the SD version (nice, but not necessary as near as I could tell) -- but definitely necessary to make a Tivo/kFire household make sense.

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