walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Get In Line

To be fair, the actual wording on the detail page is:

"Pre-order now to reserve your place in line"

I remember, a little over a year ago, dithering a bit about whether I was going to order a kindle 3. I remember, vividly, the results of that dithering. I was fully prepared to Get In Line for whatever might be announced today. I honestly was _not_ prepared to Get In Line for quite that many products.

I did not order anything With Special Offers, nor did I order the _$79_ kindle (I haven't even looked at it). When the box for the lighted cover took forever to load, I gave up and Got In Line for the devices, because I figured that was more important. I Got In Line several times, because I bullied my sister hard into letting me buy the kids a tablet while we were at Cape Cod, and the kids dad is no Apple enthusiast so I told them I'd probably be getting them Amazon's tablet when it came out. Boy did I save some money by letting her talk me out of buying them iPads last Christmas.

I kept thinking that people were going to be disappointed by whatever was announced this morning. When I'm wrong, I'm _really_ wrong. It's important for me to remember this, when I'm feeling particularly smugly self-satisfied.

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