walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Very, very difficult to imagine

From _Retrofitting Suburbia_, p 127

"A second phase in 2001 resulted in the conversion of the upper floors of the department store [in Winter Park Village] into fifty-eight loft housing units. It is a challenge to carve desirable unit plans out of the large floor plate of the store; interior units are lit only by skylights and light tubes. Many of the apartments are being leased as small office spaces rather than residences."


There's a photo gallery. Weird stuff.

I'm a little annoyed at the description of Englewood CityCenter/Cinderella City on p. 130:

"Actually, they were buying back the land; it had been a public park with a creek running through it (and therefore land not suitable for residential subdivision) before it was developed into a mall."

That sentence makes _no sense whatsoever_. However, if you realize that that "park" was in fact a covered up landfill, it makes _perfect_ sense.
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