walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Thursday night

Which means NOT ALONE WITH THE KID! Yay! R. does not work Fridays or the weekend, so I am NOT ALONE WITH THE KID! Did child care show up today? Are you kidding? Ha!

Anyway. We stayed home, but he only napped for an hour and a half (still, it was an hour and a half that I got to eat lunch uninterrupted and I was grateful). I toyed with the idea of going to Hampshire Hills in the afternoon, but decided instead to go grocery shopping, since we were out of yogurt, apple juice, turkey AND all the good jarred baby soups. Why do I need prepared baby food? After all, he'll eat off our plates, right? Yeah, well, sometimes I'm lazy. R. uses them a lot.

Grocery store outing was mostly successful and Teddy did not fall asleep either direction, so it was probably a good idea NOT to stay home in hopes he would have a second nap. Since we were in the baby aisle, Teddy saw toys. He didn't even beg much, but I bought him some damn Elmo toy. It made me laugh, tho, so I think it was worth it.

Teddy is using the Sit 'n' Spin more or less in the appropriate fashion. Well, he was until he learned about the music/game/off switch on the bottom. Then that became much more interesting.

Over the last four days, I've managed to get four sessions on the treadmill, twice each 45 and 30 minutes. Once was with child care present. Once was at Hampshire Hills. The other two times were at home with R. covering for me. This is the most exercise sessions/longest average sessions I've managed since moving back to Brookline, IIRC. Depressing. But still, at least it's starting to happen again. And this was with a power outage. I had my doubts about running the treadmill with the generator, and of course we didn't have cable so that was a little dull.

Tomorrow is lapsit story hour at the library, which R. will do with Teddy while I'm downstairs volunteering for an hour. Then off to Nashua for lunch, a dentist appointment for me. I am stressing about this, because the last time I was at the dentist was in Seattle in August, five months ago. They told me I needed to see a periodontist (I agreed with this assessment) as soon as I'd settled in over here post-move. This is more or less the first time I've gotten together enough to see a dentist out here. In the meantime, however, I did some digging to find out what might have caused my gums to suddenly start receding, when they'd been fairly stable even through the pregnancy. In the wake of that research, I started supplementing C (500 mg) and calcium (Rainbow Lights Multi-Mins, which have magnesium, D and a bunch of other stuff, and are food based). After I'd been taking the calcium for a while and digging on just how much D I should be getting (it being winter and all), I finally decided to take R.G.'s advice and get some cod liver oil. With lemon flavor! It's actually nice tasting, contrary to what everyone led me to expect. My night vision has improved (which suggests I was short vitamin A). I also gave in and started taking folate, and tried a B-complex (TwinLabs), but decided that that was overkill. There is no freaking way I need the B-complex. I probably don't need the C, but some people seem to think if you take lecithin, you should maybe supplement C. I've also backed off considerably on the lecithin (and the omelette) since I haven't had a plugged duct or mastitis in a while now (cross my fingers).

This is a helluva lot of pills to take throughout the day, and some of them (the oil, which is not a pill) really, really, really do have to be taken with food, which means I have to think of it while I'm eating. I _hate_ supplementing. But this is the list of stuff that if I'm missing it while breastfeeding, Teddy will get it at my expense -- and the expense of my gums. I don't really want to quit breastfeeding, so I guess this is what I'll be doing, at least until after I work out some other plan with a periodontist. And based on some what I've seen (http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/periodontitis/DS00369/DSECTION=9), I may wind up adding still more pills to the list. :P

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