walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

new rule: you can't use DART as a transit acronym

I'm happy to grandparent in everyone who is already using it.

But no one else should start. This is ridiculous.

Want details? Too lazy to google it yourself? Fine:

Dallas Area Rapid Transit

Dial a Ride Transit (in King County, Washington State) (but other places use the term, too, like Wilmington, Cape Cod, Midland Michigan, ... )

Des Moines Area Regional Transit

The Dart Transit Company (which appears to involve trucks)

DART First State -- Delaware Transit Corporation

Delano Area Rapid Transit (in California)

Dublin Area Rapid Transit (in Ireland)

Demand Response Transportation (in many places -- like Dial-a-Ride Transit, this is a term of art, as near as I can tell)

Dodger Area Rapid Transit (somewhere in Iowa)

Douglas Area Rapid Transit

Specifically, the people imagining a transit system for Augusta? Knock it off.


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