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private/public partnership between Street-Works and Quincy, MA; Kelsey Creek


I stumbled across this after seeing a reference in a recent SCT article about government incentives to redevelop aging retail centers.


The Quincy case is interesting for a lot of reasons, not least of which is this:

"“None of this space is being built ‘spec,’ which would not work with our economic model,” says Heapes." Heapes goes on to say anchors could have been leased twice over and they've expanded the residential component because all the Boston area residential developers want in on it.

When we were headed down to the Cape for our end-of-summer week, we stopped briefly in the parking lot of the South Shore Mall, because we _thought_ the kids needed to use a bathroom, altho it turned out they did not (or at least balked at getting out of the van when the time arrived). I have not seen a mall _that_ busy in a very long time. Across one of the arterials, an old Tara hotel was being taken down (keep meaning to find out what is going up). Granted, South Shore Mall is suburban Quincy, but still.

ETA: Kelsey Creek Shopping Center is mentioned in the FB Note/SCT article above. Work has begun, according to this coverage from June:


SCT said this:

"In Bellevue, Wash., developer Franklin-West LLC was granted a reduction in impact fees of up to $454,580 to encourage the firm to redevelop its Kelsey Creek Shopping Center, where a 106,000-square-foot former Kmart has sat vacant for nearly 10 years."

But the Times said this:

"redevelopment of the 16-acre site was made difficult because of city guidelines that required builders adding new commercial space to open, or "daylight," the covered stream that runs through a concrete culvert under the property." City removed the requirement.

Readers unfamiliar with the activism associated with Thornton Creek (different stream, different shopping center) might wonder why I find this a little stunning, however I would point out that 43B in Massachusetts does a fair amount to make it easier for a developer to, er, develop a parcel or parcels as-of-right, it does absolutely nothing to modify the MEPA process.

Development is very, very local, and a trap for the unwary.

ETAYA: I can't tell how things are progressing, beyond a remark at George's Wine Shoppe's page where it says parking purgatory is over and an earlier picture at a newspaper website of the mounds of dirt in the parking lot which is presumably what the wine shoppe was referring to. Anyone know?


Looks like the "unnamed" fitness center is an LA Fitness, but I have no info on the grocery still.


Oh, and KOMO coverage of the LA Fitness announcement:


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