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Big Box Stores

This caught my eye:


The initial amusement was because people seemed so happy that LexisNexis was willing to stay in the suburbs rather than move downtown. But here, at the bottom of the page:

"CLEVELAND-OrangeOnions.com, an online retailer, has acquired the former home of Syms and SunTV to begin expansion efforts for the company. The company will extensively renovate the 110,000-square-foot building at 21930 Miles Rd. The property, a former “big box” retail destination, will be converted into a distribution / fulfillment center for the company."

OrangeOnions seems to be an online discount store -- I had not previously heard of them. There is this wonderful symmetry, that in an era where people are reluctant to drive to buy stuff, the stuff will instead be driven _to_ them, from at least one of the same locations. Warehouse. Store. Same diff, in the end.

I thought, I wonder if I can find more examples of online retailers buying empty, exurban big box stores and using them as fulfillment centers? I stumbled across an interview with the author of _Big Box Reuse_, which was not precisely to the point. Her research was done before the massive availability of big boxes, when empty big boxes were a result of a Bigger Box being opened up nearby with the same retailer in it. There were, as a result, a bunch of encumberances put on the older property to make sure it didn't compete with the new property.

This is also not to the point (that is, not about online retail moving into exurban bk'd big box locations), but fit nicely into one of my major themes (densification):


I find it a little weird that a trade publication (Shopping Centers Today) is putting out its content as facebook Notes, but I'll just say, "Thank you, SCT!" and enjoy reading it. (It was written before the Borders BK.)

ETA: Stumbled across this while trying to track down the grocery anchor for Kelsey Creek (haven't succeeded yet):


Add to the list of things to do with a big box store: a climbing gym.

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