walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

sometime after that last post

The cable went out. Here's the frightening part: I have an EVDO card. It did _not_ work about an hour or so ago, but it is working now. Dunno what changed, but I couldn't connect at all before, and now, no troubles. *shrug*

Power is out up and down the road around us. Our next door neighbor, fan of old things (restoring her house in stages, furnishings and everything, to long before electric power) has a fire going and is happily hanging out with her cats. Other neighbors are mysteriously absent. We think we saw them drive up, attempt to drive into the garage, fail, and leave again. But that might possibly have just been someone using their driveway to turn around in. Neighbors across the street have a generator and so they, too, have lights on.

I don't actually have the EVDO card for in-the-event-of-a-internet-connection-failure. I have it because I figured we'd need something after we moved here until we got connectivity here, and I was stuck signing up for a couple years service. I only use it when we travel (and now), since I never seem to go anywhere without the kid and the kid+laptop combo is bad for the laptop.

A generator, an EVDO card and Tivo really change the whole character of a power outage.

I'm pretty sure this is immoral. The fact that it's so much fun is one of the clues.

R. checked the tank. We have about 300 gallons, and he figures we'll run through about a gallon an hour between heating and the generator. *snicker* _Definitely_ immoral, but probably not much more immoral than driving across country repeatedly.

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