walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Humphreys in Texas, Copyrighted Design Ideas

I stumbled across some jargon, and am trying to figure out what it all means.


The "Big House" (yeah, try googling anything about this phrase -- not helpful) was relatively small, relatively few stories, mostly aimed at convincing communities to tolerate multi-family. I've seen Boston area AvalonBay communities online that incorporate the unit-has-access-to-own-garage idea, and only for some units. A big part of the strategy is to get communities that won't hardly tolerate any multifamily to accept a development because it is visually indistinguishable from single family.

You can't say it isn't dense, tho, at 15 units to the acre: that's twice as dense as eighth acre lots with single family.

Humphreys has a history of putting together Multifamily Design Ideas and registering the copyright for them (and judging by stuff up on the Humphreys website, they fully intend to enforce that copyright protection so don't go ripping off his designs). His second was Home-Rise, in 2002, which is a no-corridor high-rise design (still looking for further information on this). It looks like the elevator lobby has unit doors opening off it on each floor.

The third was e-Urban, which is a mid-rise (5 stories, 100 units per acre if I understand it correctly) with potential for mixed used on the first [correction: I somehow typed third. Blame my neuro-atypicality.] floor. I'll see if I can find more URLs and put links in when I do.


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