walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Winter has arrived

A couple of months late, and in the form of an ice storm, rather than pretty snow, but hey. We take what we can get. Then we go outside and turn the generator on.

Give thanks for the lovely generator. All praise the fossil fuels, and spare cash.

Today was _supposed_ to be this lovely day, 4 hours of child care, get my hair cut, go down to the Brookline Reading Group. With the ice storm, I almost lost child care, but she is here and will leave early. I called R. and told him he'd better drive home while it was still light, because an icy tree branch _broke off and landed on my windshield_ on my way to Milford to get my hair cut. Once at the salon, I learned, not surprisingly but still depressingly, that the Incident with the Chlorine damaged my hair. Extensively. *sigh* It's really nice that our water no longer smells like dead fish. Next time R. has to treat the well, however, I'm going to insist on a chlorine test. I could smell chlorine; he couldn't. Turns out, he'd probably burned out his nose with all the bleach he'd been sniffing. I took a shower to get the last of the chlorine off from swimming the day before with Teddy and it was worse than _any_ pool I'd ever been in. Three days of rinsing but not shampooing (I didn't dare) my hair and adding conditioner did not do enough to correct matters. I now have Product that is supposed to help, and shorter hair. I am NOT optimistic.

The windshield did not break. I am still stunned.

When I got home, the power was out, so I called R. back and he explained how to turn it on. It took a bit longer to turn over than usual, but it's pretty cold out so that's no surprise. I really should go put the car in the garage now that I can get the door open.

Reading group is cancelled. *sigh* And here I went to all that effort to read the durn thing and then got sucked into research on top of it.

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